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About Thunder CMS

The Drupal 8 based CMS from publishers for publishers.

Thunder is the first open Content Management System (CMS) by publishers, for publishers. This modern, state-of-the-art and cost-effective CMS, initially developed by Hubert Burda Media, was specifically designed to meet the needs and expectations of publishers.

About MD Systems

Drupal 8 experts

MD Systems is one of the world’s top contributors to Drupal and maintainer of over 70 modules. Already in 2012, MD Systems started to work on Drupal 8 and therefore has unique expert knowledge for the new Drupal version.

Media experts

MD Systems was key driver in porting and improving the media ecosystem for Drupal 8 and its employee is lead of the media initiative. Recently, MD Systems developed Digital Asset Management systems integrations for Drupal 8.

News experts

MD Systems developed the NP8 distribution together with Somedia and Gassmann Digital. Based on this, a first Drupal 8 news portal was published before Drupal 8 was officially released. Due to the NP8 project, MD Systems ported and created several modules for news portals for Drupal 8.

MD Systems development

MD Systems will build your website, implement the design and develop features.

MD Systems training

MD Systems will make your developers ready for Drupal 8 in general or a Drupal 8 focus topic of your choice in one week.

MD Systems consulting

MD Systems will support you with planning, discuss the architecture of the website and consult you during all phases of your project.

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